Planning for Better: Foundations for Peaceful and Organized Planning

Planning for Better: Foundations for Peaceful and Organized Planning

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Hey you! Yes I am talking to you, there with stacks of planners, journals, bullet journals, and more. Does each one have a purpose? Is it clearly organized? Is it a resource for you that you have confidence in?

Do you have a stack of planners or even just one, but still feel like they aren’t efficiently functioning for you?  Do you have issues developing a structure for your planners and routines for yourself?  If this sounds like you, I have a solution.    In this new course, Planning for Better - Foundations for Peaceful and Organized Planning, I will show you easy methods to answer these questions and more.  Personalized for you, this 4 week class will include:

  • live videos
  • assignments to spur you along
  • private facebook group
  • questions and answers
  • free download printables, and more!

Regardless of the type planner or planners you own, you can set a better planning foundation for a peaceful, organized planner.

Class starts Monday February 12, 2018.  You will receive a link to the private Facebook classroom and pdf workbook the Friday before class opens, as well as, free planner inserts throughout the course. Sign up now for this incredible class and start helping yourself Plan for Better not Perfect.    

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I took the course and it was fantastic! It walked us through the process of brainstorming out what we wanted planners for, what we wanted in them, and then the how to go about setting them up. Before the course I had a vague idea that I needed more than I currently had (which was 1 planner) and I left feeling confident in how many planners I needed, what type would serve me best, and what I wanted to have in each one. Woot! ---Amber
I took the course and it was great. I came in with way more planners than I needed. The biggest lesson I learned is to only add a planner once I was able to manage the ones I already had. It also helped me to grasp what I wanted out of my planner.---Stephanie