Chaotic Blessing
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Chaotic Blessing is your one-stop to planner education, 

functionally beautiful products and daily encouragement,

at precisely the moment when you need it.


Erika is the creative heart and soul behind As a Christian wife and mother of 5 ranging from 16 to infant, Erika desires to encourage and uplift those around her. With a background in Graphic Design and Marketing, Erika uses her talents as a published artist to bring you one of a kind planner stickers, inserts and accessories. As a planner since middle school (with the collection of planners to prove it!), Erika’s passion is equipping you to find the joy, purpose and meaning in the chaos….that is Chaotic Blessing. Put this all together and combine her heart to give and serve, you can easily understand why she dedicates her time to helping others, encouraging and engage in planning and life improvement.


Functionally Beautiful Stickers and Inserts